About Me

I'm a graduate currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at UCSD. Much of my work has been focused on programming languages. If for any reason you'd like to connect with me, please reach out to me via email.


PhD Student
B.S. Software Engineering

Projects & Work

Kythe Language Server

Implemented a Language Server capable of providing local cross-references and type information supplied by Kythe’s static index. My work was incorporated into the default workstation config at Google.

Rust Indexer for Kythe

Designed and built a tool for indexing cross-references in Rust code using the Kythe knowledge graph protocols, enabling definition lookups and codesearch.

Facebook Cache Monitoring

Created a service for determining and alerting on realtime cache consistency for Facebook’s whole memcache and TAO deployment.


CT-Wasm: Type-Driven Secure Cryptography for the Web Ecosystem

Conrad Watt, John Renner, Natalie Popescu, Sunjay Cauligi, Deian Stefan
POPL '19
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Constant-time WebAssembly

John Renner, Sunjay Cauligi, Deian Stefan
PriSC '18
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