CT-Wasm Conference Presentation

I recently gave a talk about my web security research this past year, at the Principles of Programming Languages conference in Cascais, Portugal. If you’re interested in WebAssembly, cyrptography, or security then this talk is for you. The feedback has overwhelmingly positive:

favourite #POPL19 papers based on talks

Quantitative Robustness Analysis of Quantum Programshttps://t.co/sBWsQRG3rd

CT-Wasm: Type-Driven Secure Cryptography for the Web Ecosystemhttps://t.co/fFjfOsydt3

Decidable Verification of Uninterpreted Programshttps://t.co/XGlS8DhNdR

— Aws Albarghouthi (@awsTO) January 18, 2019

Absolutely stunning talk on CT-Wasm just now at #POPL2019.

— Simon Fowler (@Simon_JF) January 17, 2019
Proposal: Rust Custom Test Frameworks